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Do you need professional services that match your specific needs? At AvCon Worldwide (Holdings) Limited in London we find the right solution to address your requirements. It is for a start-up airline project or something needed by an existing airline or even a private aircraft owner. Have a look through our website and discover the range of services we can offer you. AvCon Worldwide (Holdings) Limited has taken over all the intellectual properties and business rights from AvCon Worldwide Limited. AvCon Worldwide (Holdings) Limited has been created to consolidate business activities of AvCon Worldwide Limited and it aims to expand its business sectors.

About us


We are a London based aviation consulting, aircraft trading, aircraft asset management firm providing consultancy services for airline and aviation industry. We have provided services to many clients including start-up airlines, existing operators around the world. Veteran Industry experts teamed up together to offer the best service covering all the aspects of the industry.




Find out more about our range of professional services. We'll be happy to advise you on all aspects of your needs for your success in airline & aviation industry.


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